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February 14, 2011 · Posted by Noël Bilodeau
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JDSU Perspectives offers a view of timely industry trends, innovations and breaking news from JDSU bloggers and leaders. Expect to see commentary, videos and visuals on topics about the network, mobility, the Enterprise, lasers, 3D sensing (gesture recognition) and more.

Primary Bloggers  

Noël Bilodeau
Noël enjoys being a corporate storyteller and sharing stories that reveal different facets about JDSU, particularly in the areas of consumer electronics, mobility, optical communications and advanced optical technologies that underlie many of the products people use every day. She has been with JDSU since 2007, and has also held corporate communications positions at other major tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.
In her spare time, Noël enjoys hiking, yoga, traveling and doting on her three nieces and one nephew. Contact Noël at:noel.bilodeau@jdsu.com
Bernie Tylor
Bernie Tylor
Bernie has been spreading the word about JDSU for more than ten years in the areas of emerging communications, broadband, and mobile technologies.  The JDSU blog page has afforded him an upbeat  and immediate way to share what’s happening at JDSU, post updates while away on assignment and offer interesting tidbits that people may not know about the industries that JDSU serves. He has also held previous communications positions at major telecom companies and communications consulting firms.
Bernie once had the privilege of briefing actor Danny Glover for a cool client assignment that one day he hopes will impress his daughter - who is is still too young to care. Contact Bernie at: bernie.tylor@jdsu.com
Tara Pratt
Tara is a part of the internal communications team at JDSU and enjoys sharing stories about JDSU’s amazing people and how their work is changing the world. She has been with JDSU since 2011 and has held communications positions at telecom, semiconductor and computer software companies in the Bay Area.  
Tara enjoys spending time white water rafting, kayaking, surfing, wake boarding and boogie boarding. She hopes to eventually learn a winter sport (snowboarding), although, she realizes this is definitely a stretch goal. Contact Tara at: tara.pratt@jdsu.com

Rob Marson

Rob Marson has been with JDSU for more than four years, contributing his marketing and business development expertise to the company’s Network and Service Enablement business unit.  Rob’s point of view on the networking industry has resulted in hundreds of media interviews and bylines on behalf of JDSU for network and technology publications around the world. Contributing to JDSU Perspectives since its inception in 2011, Rob’s grasp of complex, emerging technologies and his ability to distill them into relatable content  provide valuable insight to our followers.

Outside of work, Rob enjoys spending free time with his family and does his best to keep his MapMyRun app busy with a steady jog routine.




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