Huawei Award Reflects JDSU’s Increased Focus on APAC Region  

November 27, 2012 · Posted by Noël Bilodeau
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In early November, Huawei granted JDSU the Excellent Core Partner Award for its high quality and innovative network solutions. The award is the highest level of recognition that the JDSU team could ask for but also reflects an increased  focus by JDSU on the Asia Pacific region over the past few years.

In China, JDSU works with top network companies like Huawei to build 40G and 100G networks in response to growing need for bandwidth as more people use connected devices to access video, data and voice services. JDSU also provides test services that help service providers easily deploy and manage high speed networks.

Earlier in 2012, JDSU opened a broadband network development center in Shenzhen to research advanced test and measurement and optical communications solutions. JDSU also recently transferred customer support to Shenzhen so that it can provide service closer to its local customers. The talented JDSU staff work in the Nanshan High Tech Park that is at the heart of the local telecom ecosystem.
Along with providing network solutions across China, JDSU also opened a new laser center in Fuzhou last April to provide local service and support to a large base of companies in the area that use the JDSU Q-series laser for the manufacturing of small parts that go into products like smartphones and tablets.
Dedication to the Chinese region is also reflected in high satisfaction scores from both customers and employees alike. It is also a result of efforts by the JDSU Asia Council that was created more than two years ago to increase JDSU’s presence in local Asian markets, particularly in China. The council consists mostly of JDSU executives from Asia that meet quarterly at various locations throughout the continent to cultivate closer collaboration across the company.
JDSU also has Chinese offices located in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Suzhou.
Congratulations to the JDSU Shenzhen team for earning the highly esteemed Huawei Award!

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