More Organizations Move to the Cloud in 2013  

December 12, 2012 · Posted by Noël Bilodeau
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Contributions by Rob Marson, JDSU Enterprise Solutions

As businesses continue to streamline processes and reduce costs, cloud-based services that can offload the handling and storing of data and house key enterprise applications will see more traction in 2013.

Forrester Research expects the cloud computing market to grow to $241 billion by 2020. Along with network providers, many non-telecommunications companies have begun offering some form of cloud-based services. Amazon and Google were two early adopters and have built vast datacenters to meet demand. The main challenge with cloud solutions to date has been their dependency on the public Internet for sending data that can cause unreliable delivery times.

This has opened up an opportunity for providers that own their networks to safely transport the data. They can add cloud-based services to their list of capabilities and leverage existing networks to connect data centers around the globe and push information to the edge for faster and more reliable delivery.

Many providers have targeted the high-end enterprise market as it provides the best synergy with the global reach of their networks. They are also able to provide different delivery options such as dedicated lines and virtual private networks to ensure performance.

One issue with current cloud architectures is that virtual machines within a datacenter traditionally have experienced difficulty transferring information to other datacenters through switched networks. An Ethernet-connected cloud provides a cost effective, flexible Layer 2 protocol over longer distances. The question then becomes how to test for performance and quality.

New network monitoring and optimization solutions will play a key role for providing real-time information about any problems that arise, even at the edge of the network. This will be important for enterprise customers with multiple branch offices and remote locations as new solutions will make it easier to see how an enterprise’s wide area network is being utilized and let them to troubleshoot issues quickly. It will also help network providers sell new services based on their real-time view about how enterprise customers are using the network.​ 

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