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January 23, 2013 · Posted by Noël Bilodeau
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JDSU introduced  a new solution called StrataSync today that will help change the way network providers manage the many thousands of JDSU instruments used to test networks.

In the video below, David Heard, president of Communications Test & Measurement at JDSU, talks about this important news with JDSU reporter Bernie Tylor.

For those of you that want to learn more, I've also included below a  Q&A with Stan Hawthorne who directs the group that brought us StrataSync. It's an exciting launch day at JDSU!

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StrataSync Q&A with Stan Hawthorne

What is so groundbreaking about the new StrataSync product from JDSU?

JDSU continues to transform network management by leading the transition from hardware-focused test and measurement solutions to new cloud-enabled solutions that empower our customers with deeper visibility into network and workforce performance.

Just as our investment in PacketPortal changes the way networks are managed, we are investing in StrataSync to improve the way technicians do their job and expand the value of our customers’ investments in test equipment. 

How does StrataSync work?

StrataSync provides network operators with an agile and centralized way to manage test assets, and collect and analyze data from thousands of test instruments directly from a cloud-based platform.
This gives network operators increased visibility into their assets, test data and workforce activities, allowing them to drive to new levels of the operational efficiency.
 How does StrataSync help network technicians?
StrataSync automates many manual tasks associated with the management of the instrument configuration and collection of test results. The technician can simply synch their instrument to StrataSync and the instrument is configured based on established standards and all the test results are uploaded automatically to the centralized repository in StrataSync.  

StrataSync also provides technicians with easily accessible information such as educational content and test procedures to help insure that technicians are better educated and informed.

I understand that one of the big benefits of StrataSync is “improved visibility.” Can you share an example?

Yes. For example, when a network provider launches a new high-speed service, a technician out in the field can quickly upload test results directly from his instrument to the cloud-based StrataSync platform. His manager can then quickly retrieve those results from StrataSync and confirm a successful network test with the customer or audit that the technician is correctly performing the tests.

You can imagine how important it is for network operators to get all of the testing and implementation done seamlessly and get it done right the first time when launching a critical service like a new high-speed network. Millions of people around the world are relying on them for uninterrupted connectivity and high quality service.

Workforce efficiency is another big benefit of StrataSync. Can you give us an example of how this works?

With StrataSync, a network manager that oversees an entire workgroup will be able to see all of assigned instruments, software and hardware information assigned to that group as well as when their instruments were last synched. That network manager will also get instant access to all of the jobs worked on during a day and the associated test instrument results.

So the network manager has improved visibility into what is happening with his workforce during the testing process and can use that information to drive improvements in technician capabilities and enable compliance auditing of testing standards.

With StrataSync, his technicians also stay updated and supported while out in the field.

What big network trends does StrataSync support?

The complexity of networks continue to increase, making simplified network management with solutions like StrataSync even more important.

More and more people are connecting to networks through a variety of new devices around the world every day. Some industry experts expect the number of devices connecting to networks will grow to 50 billion by 2020.

This makes it even more critical for JDSU to provide new solutions that improve visibility, increase efficiency and lower costs for our customers so they can continue to provide better and faster network service.

Are there any competitive solutions out there that is like StrataSync?

StrataSync will support the broadest base of installed test units in the field - that’s hundreds of thousands of test instruments - in its very first phase when it launches in March.

It is a very unique solution and adds considerable value to the existing investment our customers have made in JDSU test solutions.

To learn more about StrataSync, go to: www.jdsu.com/go/stratasync.

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