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January 30, 2013 · Posted by Noël Bilodeau
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JDSU CIO Chris Bedi participated in an opening ceremony today at the company’s new IT development center in Pune, India along with other JDSU executives.

The new center will provide technology support for IT applications, projects and program implementations across JDSU. It will also play a key role in supporting JDSU’s focus on providing more software-based solutions to its customers.
Chris Bedi recently shared his thoughts with me about IT at JDSU and the new center.
Why are you opening an IT center in Pune?
We chose Pune because of its rich base of talented software engineers and because it was one of those growing cities in a strategic area. While the role of the Pune center is largely internal, it will be a key part of our IT strategy - not just for India but also globally for JDSU.
With the new center we can ensure that we have the most efficient processes for our product line management and research & development organizations so they can focus on collaborating with our customers to develop solutions for the future. 
When you look at JDSU’s markets, quite a bit of our business serves the network. As the network becomes more software defined, the need for our products to become more software-based will be critical. Everything is moving to software. VMware and virtualization is a good example of hardware virtualization, and it’s now happening at the network layer.
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What technologies do you expect to create in Pune?
We’ll naturally be focusing on traditional IT technologies such as ERP, CRM, supply chain and business information, but we are also moving the needle in new areas such as mobile, cloud and big data. For example, JDSU has a mobile app store similar to Apple’s app store.
What kind of IT talent is important for the new center?
It’s all about setting the right mindset for what we’re trying to achieve as an innovation center, versus simply being a traditional IT center. Having the right talent is key because we’re looking at the development of skills in newer areas – cloud, mobile, social and big data, which is absolutely the way forward.
How does India fit into your IT strategy?
Many companies look at India purely for labor, but we look at India as a way to jumpstart innovation and really deliver IT solutions that move the needle. So for example, we’re not building a spec in one region and then giving it to India so they can code it. We’re making India a center for thought leadership.
Our Pune IT center is therefore in many ways a center that will fuel innovation, internally within JDSU and for our customers, and as a foundation to grow strategic capabilities in software.
India has the right strategic talent, experience and innovation that simply can’t be matched in other locations.
JDSU has offices in India that are located in Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Pune.

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  • Saturday, February 09, 2013  5:23 AM   by  Saurabh Kapale
    Hi JDSU Team

    I just wanted to know if Chris is in India and if we IBM ( team can meet him. We also want to know who should we get in touch with for IT decisions.

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